• Our Exclusive appointments offer the bride and her invited guests a quiet confidential retreat to shop in total privacy.  Call Today for more information and to schedule your Ultimate Experience!

  • Champagne & Fresh Fruit

  • White Wine & Assorted Cheeses

  • Mimosas & Pastries

  • Assorted Teas and Cookies

  • Pricing Starts at Just $175.00 for up to 6 People


  • While this is a service available to you if you purchase your gown with us, it is not required to work with our seamstresses  but they are more than happy to meet with you here in At your alterations appointment,

  • our seamstresses our extremely talented and coveted . they have over 30 years experience

  • Every dress is hand inspected. Every dress is re-inspected with a blacklight so they don’t miss those invisible stains that other companies can miss.  These stains can become a problem later. Every stain in every dress is carefully and gently removed.

  • Your dress is always individually cleaned, never batch processed. Your dress won’t get thrown in with other dresses or other fabric items to be cleaned.

  • You deserve to have it done right